Online messenger in Hotmail

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this forum and I’ve just found a great feature in Hotmail!
Maybe it’s been in there for a long time, but I’ve just found it 🙂

When you open Hotmail, in the left bottom you can see “Messenger” and some blue letters you can click to sign on.
When you do, you’ll get this:
Online Messenger in Hotmail

Since Hotmail is just about everywhere available but Messenger is not (darn sysops!) this could be very handy 🙂


  1. blutch says:

    although this is a handy feathure it will still be blocked by most company’s
    Google has a simular feathure. Although I can open gmail. the google messenger itself will not function.

  2. Jo says:

    Very handy if you want to use messenger while using hotmail. But lately when I’m using hotmail, my messenger gives me onlinestatus. Do you know what causes this? I would like to use my hotmail without being online on messenger. And I altered nothing lately, so its a mystery to me :(. Greetings Jo

  3. Jeff Wouters says:

    That is probably because when you’ve logged onto Online Messeger through the Hotmail website once, it will automatically logon when you open hotmail.
    When you open Hotmail and see your email, then on the left bottom you will see that you’re logged onto Online Messenger. When you click on Logoff it will remember that and not automatically log you on again when you open hotmail. Good luck! 🙂

  4. Jo says:

    Ahh, solutoins can be so easy if you know what they are, haha! Thanx for your help!

  5. AGHAMUZZO says:


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