Grab all drivers on a workstation

Sometimes I need to grab all drivers on a workstation, for example when they are not “standard” machines from vendors like Dell or HP.
Back in the day when Windows XP was the way to go, I used a nifty little tool for that named “DriverGrabber”.
What this tool does? It grabs all drivers from the system and copies them into a directory you specify… very useful when you’re creating a automated deployment through SCCM or MDT because then you will require some drivers to put into the task sequence.

This morning a colleague of mine had this issue with a Windows 7 machine, so I started up DriverGrabber… after not using it for 4 (!!!) years.
To my surprise it did not work on Windows 7 but there also was no newer version available; they’ve stoped developing it 🙁

After a few minutes of searching I found a great replacement tool that does the same and works on a Windows 7 machines, named “Driver Collector“.

Hope you can make use of it like I did last morning 🙂

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