What happened to the hypervisor for smartphones from VMware?

Back in 2009 I went to VMworld in Cannes (France).
In one of the first sessions, a new technology was shown… a bare metal hypervisor to be used on smartphones!
A small video about this.

I was very enthousiastic about this demonstration, since this would mean that users could bring their own phone, put the hypervisor on it and load a company OS next to their private OS.
Maybe even put two phone cards in them and link each OS to one card…? Ideas to spare, possibilities as far as my mind could see…

Now we are 2.5 years further.
What happened to this technology? I have not seen released or even a beta… basically, I haven’t heard anything about it! 🙁

Can anyone tell me what happened? Did I miss something, has the project been discontinued? Something else…?

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