Immidio launches their Application Profiler product

The first time I started using Immidio Flex Profiles I immediately noticed one challenge in particular… The settings for every single application needed to be configured manually. Since most people don’t know how their applications work, and me as a consultant that is only with a customer for a short time doesn’t know anything about the internal workings of their applications, this can be a very time intrusive job…

Immidio recognized this issue, started thinking and developing… and within Flex Profiles 7.0 they came up with the Flex Profiles Assistant. Although this made the creating of the Flex Config files much easier, still a lot of manual activities were required.

Somewhere this month (January 2012) Immidio will release their Application Profiler product, which will be licensed as a component for Flex Profiles 7.5. This product makes the creating of Flex Config files much easier!
With this product the steps for creating a Flex Config file will be:

  1. Start the Immidio Application Profiler.
  2. Start your application from within the (user friendly) interface.
  3. After the application is analyzed, save the optimized Flex Config file.
  4. Import the Flex Config file into Immidio Flex Profiles.

And you’re done Smile

But, there is more… Flex Profiles provides the feature of “predefined settings”. This means that you can configure some predefined settings for an application which will, for example, enforce the reading pane for Windows Explorer to be set to “details”.
Creating such predefined settings for applications can be a the most time consuming task of an entire Immidio implementation.
Immidio also recognized this issue and provides a solution to automate this process within the Application Profiler product. With this, you can start your application, set it to the defined settings you want, generate the file with those predefined settings and import this into Flex Profiles… much faster compared to ‘the old way’.

Interested? Take a look at the YouTube video which Immidio has placed online showing the Immidio Application Profiler product:

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