RES Workspace Manager – Outlook 2010 always starts with a first run wizard

Symptom 1: Microsoft Outlook (2010) does not remember the mail profile when logging on for a second time.
Symptom 2: Every time Outlook starts for the first time in a session, it comes with a “First run”-wizard.

Outlook can be forced to run the “First run”-wizard every first time Outlook is started. When using mandatory profiles, the configuration chance to the user profile will not be saved and when a user starts a new session, Outlook will think the “First run”- wizard has not been run yet.

Don’t use mandatory profiles.

Remove the following registry keys from your installation:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Office\14.0\User Settings\{C22A96AB-A00C-4A3D-9545-42B4C0005809}\Create\software\microsoft\office\14.0\outlook\Setup

The registry key for “custom14.prf” is also described in KB242642 in the RES Software Knowledge Base, but without the removal of the “First-Run” key it did not solve my customers issue.

Note: This only applies in environments where mandatory profiles are used.

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