Rescan your disks with PowerShell

There are some basic tasks one needs to do every once in a while that can not be found in a GUI… for example rescanning your disks on a host when you’ve expanded it on your storage.
Normally I would turn to a command prompt and use diskpart for this one.

But here I am, totally nuts on PowerShell and having to use an old fashioned commandprompt? I think not!

With the following command, in PowerShell, you can rescan your disks Emoticon met brede lach

"rescan" | diskpart


  1. Greg says:

    This doesn’t work….Just brings up a command prompt with Deskpart!

  2. viewer says:

    in windows 7 it doesn’t even work, it says “rescan” is not recognized as an internal or external command

  3. Visitor says:

    FIXED INSTRUCTIONS (found elsewhere):

    1. Open command prompt
    2. Type:
    3: Type:


    worked for me in windows 7. hope it helps!

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