PowerShell – Disable Meeting Forward Notifications in Exchange on user or global level

Today the Exchange administrator of my customer got the request to disable “Meeting Forward Notifications” for a specific person. What does that mean? When I send you an invite to a meeting and you forward that invite, I will get a message stating that you’ve forwarded my invite…
Depending on the role of a person, let’s say a secretary for example, the number of such messages can be enormous!

As with more and more specific features, this was not possible through the GUI but only through PowerShell.
Configuring this on a global level is pretty easy:

Set-RemoteDomain -MeetingForwardNotificationEnabled $false

So, on a single user you would expect the same property name (MeetingForwardNotificationEnabled), right? As I found out, this was not the case!Bedroefde emoticon
On a user, the property is named ”RemoveForwardMeetingNotification” and can be configured with the following line:

Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity “Jeff.Wouters@methos-it.com” -RemoveForwardMeetingNotification $True

“Darn it! Is PowerShell really that inconsistent?” was the question I got within moments from my colleague…
Well, this time PowerShell is not to blame. When you look at the properties of the global object RemoteDomain on Echange level and compare them to the properties of a user object (also still in Exchange) you will notice that the names differ inside Exchange and therefor also in PowerShell Verhitte emoticon


  1. Cyke says:

    I’m not certain, but from what I understand, the MeetingForwardNotificationEnabled property on the RemoteDomain objects is supposed to prevent the generation of those forwarding notifications entirely (for meeting requests forwarded to addresses in that remote domain).

    Meanwhile, RemoveForwardMeetingNotification on mailboxes does not prevent their generation; it simply redirects all such notifications directly into Deleted Items.

    I’m actually having some issues with properly disabling MeetingForwardNotificationEnabled, no idea if you’re still looking at this thread..

  2. Jeff Wouters says:

    Hi Cyke,
    I keep an eye on all my posts 🙂
    What issues do you experience exactly?

  3. antar says:

    The MeetingForwardNotificationEnabled property
    only delete the object but how to totally disable notification???
    Any idea could be helpfull
    thanks a lot.

  4. Osama says:

    this is not work with exchange 2013 !
    -RemoveForwardMeetingNotification cant be found

  5. Shawn P. Lemay says:

    Jeff – we have an account that all emails are forwarded to both the recipients mailbox and another mail list. When a meeting request gets sent to this user – it automatically CC’s to the mailist list (all internal). Is there a command (PowerShell) that would disable this? This causes havoc – as everyone’s calendars then show up the meeting – if they deny it – then it removes it (even if they were SUPPOSE to get the meeting request and it was sent in a separate email).

    I tried the Set-RemoteDomain -MeetingForwardNotificationEnabled $false above – but I guess I’m missing a parameter (and can’t figure out what). Our Exchange is 2010.

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