Manage Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V in SCVMM 2012 –Unknown Hypervisor

This morning I received an email from a community peer stating that he was unable to manage Hyper-V 3.0 in Windows Server 2012 by using SCVMM 2012 CTP.
The specific error message: “Error (12704) : Unable to connect to the Hyper-V service on the server <server name>

This is a known issue, but when you download/install/use the latest release of SCVMM 2012 (it’s RTM now as far as I know) the problem has been resolved Knipogende emoticon

Note: Remember that CTP means Community Technology Preview… in other words: The product isn’t finished yet Verhitte emoticon


  1. Alex says:

    Thank you for the post, Jeff!
    Do you have any idea why NVSPWMI.DLL may be missing from the Windows 8’s System32 folder?

    Error (20505)The nvspwmi service cannot be located on the computer Hyper-v-host.      .local.Recommended ActionEnsure that the nvspwmi service is installed and running on the computer Hyper-v-host.      .local.

    Warning (438)Service nvspwmi is not present on Hyper-v-host.      .local.Recommended ActionCheck that the service exists in the Services MMC snap-in on Hyper-v-host.      .local by running services.msc.

    Error (12704)Unable to connect to the Hyper-V service on the server Hyper-v-host.      .local.Recommended ActionEnsure that the Hyper-V services (vmms, nvspwmi, or vhdsv) and the Virtual Machine Manager Agent are installed and running on the server Hyper-v-host.      .local.

    Thank you!

  2. Alex says:

    Apparently, it’s by design:
    System Center 2012 CTP for Windows Server “8” Beta support

  3. Mohsin says:

    I got the same issue and i use scvmm 2012 RTM Version but when adding the Hyper V host (windows 2012 RC) got the same error, is there any fix for that. Appreciate your response.


  4. Jeff Wouters says:

    Hi Moshin,
    To my knowledge there isn’t a fix (yet), but please contact Microsoft through your appropiate channels in order to get the official statement (and/or confirmation of my findings). If they do have a fix, please share 🙂

    I did find a workaround for this issue…
    When adding a host to SCVMM, it will try and install the Hyper-V role. In my case, the Hyper-V role was already installed and there were some VM’s running on it.
    The workaround was to re-install the host, add it to SCVMM and let it install the Hyper-V role. Next, configure the role through SCVMM and not through the console (Hyper-V Manager / Failover Cluster Manager).
    You could also decide to remove and re-add the Hyper-V role instad of doing a re-install of the host, but I haven’t tested that one 😉

    Good luck!


  5. 201737 says:


    I tried to instal SCVMM 2012 RTM on a 2012 Build 8400 server already running hyper-v. All went well then got the Error 12704 and Error 26179 as highlighted already. I cant do the workaround as Im running all on a single desktop machine. Has anyone heard of a hotfix or another work-around yet?



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