SCVMM – A PowerShell one liner to report the Cluster Shared Volumes utilization

I’ve just been asked by a community peer to write a script that will report on the utilization of cluster shared volumes on his Hyper-V environment.
Since they are using SCVMM, normally I would tell them to use the management pack for SCOM… but they’re not using SCOM.
So, here’s a oneliner that will show you the name of the host, the label of the disk and it’s utilization in %.

The output can be put in an weekly email or something like that… whatever you desire.


  1. WvSandwijk says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Some remark, the above code is not against SCVMM but against FailOverClusterManager

    Code for SCVMM is :

    $vmmClusters = Get-scvmhostcluster -VMMServer
    foreach ($vmmCluster in $vmmClusters) {
    $vmmCluster.SharedVolumes.GetEnumerator() | Select @{l=’ClusterName’;e={$}},
    @{l=’Freespace(GB)’;e={“{0:N2}”-f ($_.freespace/1gb)}},
    @{l=’percentage(Available)’;e={“{0:N2}” -f ($_.freespace / ($_.Capacity/100))}}

  2. Jeff Wouters says:

    Hi Wessel,
    You’re correct. Thanks for the remark and code 🙂

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