THE Microsoft Private Cloud Computing book to get and read

This is a book I’ve been looking forward to for some time now (along with a few PowerShell books and of course the Hyper-V book from Leandro Carvalho @LeandroEduardo (Hyper-V Administrator’s CookBook)… but more about those someday in the future…

Back on-topic… the Microsoft Private Cloud Computing book
If you’re a member of the Hyper-V community, you’ll surely know at least one of the following people, or at least by name:

Aidan Finn (Virtual Machine MVP) @Joe_Elway
Hans Vredevoort (former Failover Clustering MVP and recently become Virtual Machine MVP) @HVredevoort
Damian Flynn (Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP) @Damian_Flynn
Patrick Lownds (Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP) @PatrickLownds

Well, just in case these names (and the knowledge and experiences that comes with them) weren’t enough, they got Kristian Nese (Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP) @KristianNese as a technical reviewer… to my knowledge, Kristian lives and breathes private cloud Knipogende emoticon

When you take a closer look at the focus areas of these peeps, you’ll notice that together they cover every single aspect of a private cloud since each has their own focus area within the private cloud…

So, I’m all excited to take a weekend off, sit in the sun with a drink next to me, sunglasses on and read the book Glimlach Oh wait… it’s not out yet… DARN IT! Now I’ll have to wait Bedroefde emoticon

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