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Some time ago I was contacted by Jeffery Hicks asking if I would be interested to join him in one of his book projects as an author. He explained that this would be a book written by a bunch of people from the PowerShell community worldwide and I gladly accepted his offer…

Only in the last two weeks I’ve gained a view of the list of authors working on this project… and I have to say that I’m very humbled to be in this list!
Here is the list of authors that have joined together on this book project (in random order):

Name Title Blog Twitter Personal Note
Jeffery Hicks PowerShell MVP Link @JeffHicks Jeff gave me some great comments on my blog the last years which made me think and investigate
Don Jones PowerShell MVP Link @ConcentratedDon His sessions about managing Active Directory and PowerShell remoting at the Microsoft TechDays in 2010 made me go into PowerShell since I got a glimps of its capabilities in v2… so to my readers: It’s Don’s fault Winking smile 
Ed Wilson Microsoft Scripting Guy Link @ScriptingGuys You know: The Microsoft Scripting Guy Open-mouthed smile
Richard Siddaway PowerShell MVP Link @RSiddaway You want to know about PowerShell and WMI? Read his book PowerShell and WMI
Sean Kearney PowerShell MVP Link @EnergizedTech
Arnaud Petitjean PowerShell MVP Link @apetitjean
Boe Prox Link @ProxB He was one of the judges on the last PowerShell Scripting Games and gave me some very good comments which I’ve learned a lot from
Bartek Bielawski PowerShell MVP Link @Blielawb Same as with Boe, he was one of the Scripting Games judges and gave some great comments
Mike Robbins Link @MikeFRobbins Mike blogs like crazy, but all very practical and good stuff!
Vadims Podans PowerShell MVP Link
Ashley McGlone Microsoft PFE Link @GoateePFE
James O’Neill Link @JamesONeill He was the guy that wrote the original Hyper-V PowerShell module on CodePlex
Jonathan Medd PowerShell MVP Link @JonathanMedd He’s one of the guys behind the Get-Scripting podcast
Adam Driscoll Link @AdamDriscoll One of the few guys that have a PowerShell blog that make me go “WTF?!” on a monthly basis…
Richard Macdonald Microsoft PFE Link @_RichMac
Kirk Munro PowerShell MVP Link @PoSHoholic
Matthew Reynolds Microsoft PFE
Tome Tanasovski PowerShell MVP Link @ToeNuff
Trevor Sullivan Link @PCGeek86 I’ve met Trevor in Chicago, a truly passionate geek and a fun guy to talk with
Josh Gavant Microsoft PFE Link @JoshuGav
Karl Prosser PowerShell MVP Link @KarlProsser
Arvind Shyamsundar
Link @arvisam
Jim Christopher PowerShell MVP Link @beefarino
Jen Stirrup SQL MVP Link @jenstirrup
Grzegorz Gaêzowski Link @gsgalezowski
Ben Miller SQL MVP Link @dbaduck
Donabel Santos SQL MVP Link http://twitter.com/sqlbelle
Robert C Cain SQL MVP Link @arcanecode
Chris Bellée Microsoft PFE Link N/A
Jason Helmick Link @theJasonHelmick
Aaron Nelson SQL MVP Link @sqlvariant
Doug Finke PowerShell MVP Link @dfinke Read his book PowerShell for Developers… even as an IT Professional you’ll love it (as an IT Pro some previous PoSH knowledge is desired or you’ll end up with a headacheWinking smile)
Jeff Wouters Link @JeffWouters almost forgot to put myself in this list… oops!

The content of the book is something I won’t post about (yet?) but you can bet that it will be a deep dive from A to Z Hot smile

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  1. I feel the same way Jeff. For anyone looking for my blog that Jeff referenced, it’s http://mikefrobbins.com

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