I’ll be hosting a Microsoft Netherlands Datacenter Virtualization IT Camp with Tony Krijnen

Back in October I attended an ITCamp from Microsoft Netherlands, hosted by Daniel van Soest and Tony Krijnen (both IT Pro Evangelists in The Netherlands).
This IT Camp was designed by Tony and Daniel to offer a complete Datacenter Virtualization 101 experience by using the attendees’ own laptops to build the environment on.
Going from Active Directory up to Hyper-V and everything that is needed to build such an environment by anything which is native to the Windows Server 2012 Operating System.

Personal Note: I made it a personal challenge to do everything with PowerShell, which I succeeded in. Some hickups along the way which are described in some of my blog posts since then. Some others are still in draft so will be posted somewhere in the future…

It’s a bit late since the event is tomorrow, but I’m happy to announce that I’ll be co-hosting the IT Camp tomorrow in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) with Tony Krijnen and will be held at the Westcord WTC Hotel in Leeuwarden.

As some of my followers may have noticed I’ve got a little, just a little, passion for PowerShell.
So I may just happen to mention, when I can’t resist,  some cool PowerShell tips, tricks and simply cool stuff during the day 😉

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  1. Erna says:

    Wow, fascinating. Congratulation!

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