TechDays NL – Making PowerShell sexy

The people that follow me on Twitter may already know this, but I’ve been accepted as a speaker for the TechDays in The Netherlands with my ‘Making PowerShell sexy‘ session. The session will start at 17:15 and will end at 19:00… so yes, it will be my privilege┬áto have one of the closing sessions of the day.

Oh, before I forget. As it seems I’m giving the only PowerShell focussed session ­čÖé
The TechDays will be held on the 7th and 8th of March this year in The Hague.

Here’s the abstract of my session:

Creating 200 user accounts in Active Directory or provisioning 50 virtual machines with a single command and within minutes. These are examples you see at most events with a PowerShell (level 100-200) session.
But you can do so much, much more with it! Even when you have no previous scripting or programming experience.
Closing a specific process on all your devices, rebooting or shutting down your entire environment with a single command or resetting the password of a random user each day? What about writing your own PowerShell object, containing all your contact information? And did you know that you can make PowerShell talk or even make (or play) music with it? Interested?
Attend this session and I’ll show you the sexiness of PowerShell…

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