Citrix Windows Mobile SDK

As I am attending Citrix Synergy in Anaheim this week I’m hearing a lot of cool new stuff, both from Citrix and the 3rd party vendors which are located in the Expo hall. One of the announcements from Citrix in the keynote was about the Windows Mobile SDK by Citrix… but no one in the room applauded for this and I think that’s just plain crazy… so I decided to write this post.

The idea of the Citrix Windows Mobile SDK is that you write an application as you would write them for a normal desktop or terminal server. Instead of re-writing the application for a mobile device, simply publish the application through the Citrix product and it does the conversion of the interface to a mobile format for you! So no re-writing your code or doing some fancy checks to see which UI you’re to show depending on the device the app is shown on… that’s great, right?!
… and none of the 6000+ people in the room applauded for this… (? wtf ?)

I don’t know anything your about the technical details of this, but the concept itself sounds just magically amazing 😀

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