New Workflow features in PowerShell 4.0

  • Support has been added for a new PipelineVariable common parameter in the context of iterative pipelines, such as those used by System Center Orchestrator; that is, pipelines that run commands simply left-to-right, as opposed to interspersed running by using streaming.
  • Parameter binding has been significantly enhanced to work outside of tab completion scenarios, such as with commands that do not exist in the current runspace.
  • Support for custom container activities has been added to Windows PowerShell Workflow. If an activity parameter is of the types ActivityActivity[]—or is a generic collection of activities—and the user has supplied a script block as an argument, then Windows PowerShell Workflow converts the script block to XAML, as with normal Windows PowerShell script-to-workflow compilation.
  • After a crash, Windows PowerShell Workflow automatically reconnects to managed nodes.
  • You can now throttle Foreach -Parallel activity statements by using the ThrottleLimit property.
  • The ErrorAction common parameter has a new valid value, Suspend, that is exclusively for workflows.
  • A workflow endpoint now automatically closes if there are no active sessions, no in-progress jobs, and no pending jobs. This feature conserves resources on the computer that is acting as the workflow server, when the automatic closure conditions have been met.


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