What is Project Possessod?

Last year I wrote a tweet about a new ‘secret’ PowerShell project I started working on.
I’m happy to anounce that v1 of the script is almost ready and …. I’ll be showing it for the first time on the Virtual PowerShell User Group on the 7th of March.
To give you an idea, this is the abstract of that session:

### SPOILER ALERT ! ! ! ###
Since I’ve been tweeting over the last few months about this I would, I will provide you with a small idea of what #possessod includes.
I’ve executed my script on an environment from one of my customers and the following was a part of the results:


Did I awaken you interest? 🙂


  1. Arcom says:

    You most definitely awakened my interrest! I will be eagerly awaiting the finished script!

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