My DevOps session

During the winter and summer I find time to create some new sessions to present at events later that year.
Over the last few years those were all tech sessions with, as always, lots and lots of code.

That got me thinking… what about a non-tech session?
But then, what would the subject be?

DevOps is a word that’s being thrown around like crazy these days.
Especially the misuse is what’s starting to annoy me just a little.
*** We want DevOps! What is DevOps? We don’t know, but we still want it!!! ***

So I decided to create a session about DevOps, purely about the concept, implementation in your company, the cultural changes required, the pro’s and con’s, etc.

The geek that I am forced me to write a title/abstract for this session that would make me laugh, and hopefully you as well.
I’ve chosen this title/abstract due to the lots and lots of analogies… after you’ve read the abstract you know what analogies I may be using 🙂

Title: DevOps, the final frontier…
Abstract: These are the voyages of the DevOps engineer.
His continuing mission: To explore strange new businesses
and seek out innovating technologies and new communications,
to boldly go where no IT has gone before…

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