Study, education, preparations and means to an end

Back in 2008 I started with my Bachelor study in Computer Science.
No-one knew. Now my best friend, not my parents… no-one 🙂
I was able to keep this a secret throughout the entire education… so imagine their surprise when I told them that I finished my Bachelor degree in Computer Science.
Because this education, and working full-time as a consultant while doing it, had shown me I was still lacking knowledge about the business part of IT.

So again without telling anyone, I started my on my Masters degree in Technical Business Management… which I received last April.

So that comes to a total of a consecutive 6 years of a full-time job and education, of course that’s next to the events I visit and/or present at, the blogs I write and not to forget the IT certifications I’ve learned for and received.
Naturally I needed a small break…

So the break is over! As of last month I’ve started on my Masters in Psychology.
No, I won’t be pursuing a career in that area. However, I do think it can be useful to understand what motivates people and how, as a manager or (team)leader, you can detect when something is going on preferably before your colleagues/employees even know. Such an education also teaches you what to do and what not to do in certain situations, and with specific types of people.
So the reason I started with this education is mainly just plain simple personal growth 🙂

So when you take a geek with a technical education, combine it with business management and throw a little bit of psychology in the mix… what do you get?
If you get it, you know where I’m taking my career… if you don’t get it, simply wait and you’ll see 🙂


  1. Stephanevg says:

    Great idea Jeff! Veel success !

  2. Bjorn Houben says:

    Good luck. What was your motivation by the way to not tell people about your study before and why did you decide to share it now?

  3. Jeff Wouters says:

    I did it for me, no-one else. Next to that, when I started with the first one I didn’t know if I could do it… 😉
    As long as you haven’t made something public, you can always change your mind without people knowing it 🙂

  4. Esther Barthel says:

    Wow, great accomplishment Jeff and love the fact you keep fueling your own personal growth. Love to chat more on your visions in Barcelona!

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