Sharing PowerShell knowledge and experiences in your country

Over the last few weeks I’ve had the pleasure to provide my first bunch of PowerShell trainings this year.
It started with three days of a PowerShell basics training. Over the years I’ve found that I’ve had a variety of students in that class. No scripting experience whatsoever, some scripting experience, former developers, people that think they are proficient in scripting and a few that truly were good in scripting in other languages.
Depending on their background you can pretty much determine on the first morning how fast they will pick up the knowledge you offer.

Last week I’ve had my first time providing a PowerShell Advanced training in my country and I have to say that a truly, madly, deeply loved it!
With a PowerShell basics course I have to drive while holding the brakes down. This is required because if you start at a deep level from the start, you’ll loose pretty much all your students after the first day.
This time I was able to start at a the end of the Basics training and go from there.
In three days I threw out everything I had prepared for the Advanced training, and more.
Although there were only 4 students, they kept up the pass and made me go delve into my memory for other useful tips, tricks and hands-on experience things I’ve experienced over the years.
After three days of this, I was exhausted but very satisfied. Looking forward to do this again some day 🙂
So, I want to thank those 4 students for making this possible. It has been a very long time that I had so much fun during a training. You’ve reminded me why it’s fun to train!

Now, next week it will be my first time providing a in-house (system integrator) feature specific 1-day PowerShell training: PowerShell Remoting. I’ll keep you posted on how that went, but knowing my past trainings and a few of the students in that class I’m guessing we’ll have a blast again 🙂

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