Windows Live Messenger Beta is not working: Error 800c013a

A few weeks ago I installed the new Live Messenger Beta (part of the Live Essentials pack) and started working with it.
Just now I got a very irritating error “800c013a” when trying to sign in.
Here comes the resolution to this problem:

1) Make sure that both the msnmsgr.exe process and the wlcomm.exe process are not running.
*) Goto Task Manager.
*) Goto the Process tab.
*) Right-click on both the msnmsgr.exe and the wlcomm.exe process and select “end process”.

2) Delete the  Live Messenger’s Contact Store
*) Goto “c:\users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live\Contacts” and delete the folder which has the name of your e-mail address.
*) Restart Live Messenger and sing in.


  1. Mac Kurth says:

    Thank you for your insightful comments. I hope to visit your website soon.

  2. Never found anything about the information on this topic I was looking for, but now I found it, thanks to the Admins.

  3. Ernestina reis says:

    Algumas semanas atrás eu instalei o novo Live Messenger Beta (parte do Live Essentials pack) e começou a trabalhar com ele.
    Agora eu tenho um erro muito irritante “800c013a” ao tentar entrar.

  4. diellza says:

    shum e qart jea

  5. Fakeemail says:

    thanks bro

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