Connecting to a share on Windows 7 from XP gives credentials popup…

To share a folder on a Windows 7 machine you will need to allow for the files to be shared.
You can do this under “Network and Sharing Center” and then under “Advanced Sharing Center”.
So far, so good…
But if you don’t want users from the XP devices to get an popup asking for credentials, you will need to disable the “Password Protect Sharing”, again under “Advanced Sharing Center”.

My issue was that when I switched this setting from “On” (it’s default” to “Off” and saved it.
I still got a popup from the XP workstation, reboot did not help.
When I got back to take a look at the “Password Protect Sharing” setting I just changed, it was set back to “On” again! Whatever I did, it always came back to “On” again… I couldn’t let it stick to “Off”.

The cause and solution was fairly simple; the guest account on my Windows 7 machine was disabled… but also there was a password configured.

1) Enable the Guest account.
2) Set it’s password to empty.
3) Disable the Guest account.
Fairly simple, or what? Winking smile


  1. GreeTz says:

    Very strange, so you say a disabled account is used to make the connection?

  2. Ibot says:

    Weird, it has no problem staying ticked ‘off’ here. Could there be a difference in x86 and x64?

  3. Jeff Wouters says:

    Perhaps your guest account has no password set when you’ve installed the OS? 🙂 Or have you changed the guest-acocunt’s password since the install?

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