Options not available in App-V Client

Yesterday a colleague of mine had an issue with the App-V system tray icon.
Options like “Load Applications” were not available. Not that they were greyed out or something, they were simply not visible.
After some investigating we found out that he also was not able to clear an application… but strangely enough all virtualized applications worked without any problems.

! Also a reset of the user’s profile did not solve these issues.

The following registry key was configured correctly:

Then why are the options not shown?

After further investigation I stumbled upon the settings under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Softgrid\4.5\Client\Permissions] where there are quite a few settings that can be configured.
To solve the vanished Load Applications option, set or correct the following registry keys:

Note that the same settings are saved in the user profile, so be sure to start with a clean profile!

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