Java based application wants more memory

When users start a Java-based application, the following warning is shown:
The memory setting governing the amount of memory a Java applet may consume is set too small. At least 150MB is the recommended setting.
Please refer to the help to see how to correct this problem.
<Application Name> will still start, but may run out of memory.

Some Java applications check if the desired amount of memory is reserved by the Java Runtime client.
If this is not the case, the warning will be shown.

* Goto “Control Panel”.
* Open “Java”.
* Goto the Tab “Java”.
* Click on the button “View” under “Java Applet Runtime Settings”.
* Under “Java Runtime Parameters”, configure “-Xmx300m”.

Extra information
The configured parameter “-Xmx300m” contains a numbered value, which indicates the amount of memory in Megabytes to be reserved by the Java Runtime client.

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