Book review: Mastering Hyper-V Deployment

A few months ago I bought a book called “Mastering Hyper-V Deployment”, by Aidan Finn (MVP).
About 7 weeks ago I finally found the time to start reading it… and after 2 weeks I was done. But, then I started reading it again!
Why? Well, there is just so much content in it that I was unable to comprehend and remember half of it.

After reading the book for a second time, and it took 5 weeks this time.

The book is written in a way that makes you think about a Hyper-V deployment… planning, designing and implementing it. Even with only planning a deployment there is a lot to consider when you want to do it properly. This book will take you along the road of designing, planning and implementing a robust and dynamic Hyper-V deployment and teach you which choices to make in specific situations.

And to make it easier for the reader, Aidan has taken some real-life examples from scenario’s including small environments up to enterprise environments.

For every Virtualization Consultant, or even if you are just thinking about virtualization, this book will be an enormous addition to your technical library, and will give you an edge in understanding to deploy virtualized environments.

My advice: Get it, read it, use it, love it 🙂

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