From explorer to command prompt… and back

A lot of times, during my work or just while playing around on one of my laptops or servers, I experience some frustrations when I start a script and it runs so fast that I can’t see the output on the screen (or the error for that matter).

Or when I’ve found a file in Explorer and want to start it in a command prompt, I need to open a command prompt and goto the file by typing in the path… This is typo-sensitive so most of the times I get an error stating the path doesn’t exist. Even when you can use TAB to complete commands or parts of the path, it´s still not very handy to have to do it like this.

Have the same problem? Here is howto make it easier for yourself…

From explorer to command prompt
1) Hold down the Shift-key
2) Right-click on the directory you want to browse to in the command shell.
3) Choose “Open command window here”.

From command prompt to explorer
1) Type “start .” and press the Enter-key.
A explorer screen will open in the same path as in command prompt.

And when you don’t want to open the currect folder in Explorer but one folder higher up in the tree, just type “start ..” (two dots instead of 1).

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