Alternative for TechEd Europe 2011

That’s thequestion that has been on my mind for several weeks now. I was searching for an event that has topics from multiple vendors but mainly Microsoft and/or Citrix topics…
Unfortunately Synergy was beyond my budget at that moment… so what other options are there?

After some searching I’ve found two events that fit my needs (or requirements, whatever goes for you):

TEC 2011
TEC is mainly focused this year on Exchange, Virtualization/Cloud and Directory/Identity… and from what I can gather from the website it is onlyMicrosoft focused content.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Microsoft products… but I think that when you put products from separate vendors together (like Hyper-V and XenDesktop) THAT is where the magic happens.
Also, I knew 2 acquaintances of mine would be presenting, Jaap Wesselius and Hans Vredevoort. Both are very experienced presenters and always provide good content. When I looked further into the list of speakers… there are some big names in there!

E2E 2011
A few years back I was planning on going to E2E but was unable to go due to a migration a customer had planned those exact dates… So I looked into the list from speakers but was unable to find one.Since I’m a frequent Twitter user, I looked at my timeline for a few days and saw some names passing by that were saying that they would be going to E2E, some even presenting!Because E2E consists of a bunch of experts and geeks, I knew this event was the one for me… good and deep technical content is something I always find nice to listen and look to.

Is there a conclusion?
Sure there is. There is no TechEd Europe this year, and for a lot of IT Professionals their employers won’t pay for a trip to TechEd USA although it’s roughly the same price.
So, if you still want to visit an event with deep technical content and mainly Microsoft/Citrix focused, but not limited by just those two vendors, E2E is the place to be!

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