Provisioning Server Error – Missing an argument for parameter VLanEnabled. Specify a parameter of type System.Nullable


This error is what you get from Citrix Provisioning Server (PVS) when you’ve configured a VLAN inside a template within System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)
I’ve found one solution and one workaround for this issue.

Install all Microsoft and Citrix updates applicable for the SCVMM, XenDesktop and PVS on their respective servers. Keep in mind that the SCVMM Management Console is also installed on the XenDesktop servers so it also has to be updated.

Remove the VLAN setting from the template in SCVMM, create the virtual machines and run the following PowerShell command on a server which has the SCVMM Management Console installed (where the IP number is that of the SCVMM server):

get-vm | get-virtualnetworkadapter | set-virtualnetworkadapter -vlanenabled $true -VLANID 172

Big fat note
This command will set the VLANID to all offline machines (and will fail for those that are online)! In my case the Hyper-V environment is only used for the VDI guests which all needed the same VLANID, so it worked out just fine…

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