Add a printer dialog box does not show all printers

When you add a network printer through the “Add a printer” dialogue box, for example by searching the Active Directory, not all available printers are shown. Only by clicking “The printer I want isn’t listed” you will find all printers.
A colleague of mine wrote a mail to me about this problem, and I remembered I encountered this issue back in the day with Windows Vista.

This is caused by a build-in limitation which was introduced with Windows Vista.

The solution is fairly simple but can take a very long time to find.
There is a group policy which enables you to influence this behavior.

Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Printers > Add Printer wizard – Network Scan Page (managed network)

Number of Directory Printers
Number of TCP/IP Printers
Number of Web Services Printers
Number of Bluetooth Printers
Number of shared Printers

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