PowerShell one-liner for inventory of memory configurations and availability–Part two

In my previous post I’ve shown howto use a PowerShell one-liner to create a simple inventory of the memory configuration and availability of your Hyper-V hosts and virtual machines.

Now, let’s go a little more global. When creating a design for a (new) Hyper-V environment that information is not something you would use… one would need some high level statistics instead of a bunch of raw data.
Again, this is where PowerShell comes in:

Get-VM -vmmserver localhost | measure-object -property memory -sum -average -maximum –minimum

With the measure-object cmdlet you can easily get some statistics… the above one-liner provided me the following output:

Now let’s explain this a little since this is, again, just a bunch of numbers…
The count is the number of virtual machines it found.
The average is the average amount of memory configured on the virtual machines.
The maximum is the highest amount of memory configured on a virtual machine.
The minimum is the lowest amount of memory configured on a virtual machine.
The property explains explain itself Glimlach

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