SCVMM–Deployment through template keeps using BITS over HTTPS

When migrating, deploying or converting P2V in SCVMM, by default those file transfers are done by BITS over HTTPS:
This is the cause of some overhead and when your company policy does not require you to use encrypted file transfers for VM deployment, you could just turn it off… right?

When you select the properties of your Hyper-V hosts (by right-clicking ‘All Hosts’) you can select ‘Allow unencrypted file transfers’.
This will enable you to use the HTTP instead of the HTTPS profocol for the file transfer. So with a P2V or (quick/live) migration you will see that BITS over HTTP instead of BITS over HTTPS is used.

But… you may notice that the deployment through a template is still using BITS over HTTPS.
Why is this method still using HTTPS instead of HTTP? The other methods picked the change up perfectly, so why doesn’t this one?

Well… there is a little gotcha.
For the SCVMM Library, where your template is stored, you can set the ‘Allow unencrypted file transfers’ independently from the setting on the hosts!
So, when you goto the properties of the SCVMM Library (by right-clicking your library server) you can configure the setting Glimlach

After configuring this, do a new deployment and you will notice that BITS over HTTP is used which causes a very nice decrease of the time it takes to deploy a VM Emoticon met brede lach

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