And the winners are…

Last week I’ve posted about a contest to win a copy of “Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide” by Augusto Alvarez. Although three comments were posted, one of the requirements was to make the reason you would want this book, was to make your comment “geeky”… in my opinion none succeeded in this Bedroefde emoticon
Although the last sentence in Alex’ comment made me laugh Knipogende emoticon #goodjob

So, out of the three contestants, only two can win (I’ve only got two copies to give… so…)

And to keep things honest, I didn’t pick then manually… I let my laptop do the picking Glimlach
So… the winners are:’


I will contact both of you for some contact details later today.

And for Ralph… Although you did not win, I still want to thank you for you comment. I hope that the review of the book that I will post today/tomorrow will provide you the information you need to decide whether to buy the book… or not Knipogende emoticon

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  1. Craig Miller says:

    I thought mine was geeky… about this:

    Hurry up and learn about application virtualization before it becomes irrelevant and surely it will be in a matter of time.  Why will it become irrelevant you may ask, well because Microsoft doesn’t include anything out of the box in Windows which allows an admin to deploy applications via some virtualized manner.  The only in-house way of doing this is through App-V which is only available to customers with Software Assurance from Microsoft.  It also requires you admin to sequence all applications into the system since Microsoft has failed to push vendors to adopt the new format…hell they even failed to adopt their format themselves with the exception of one version of Office which they released as a pre-packaged for App-V but I never heard of anyone using this version.  How will it become irrelevant you might ask….what will replace it?  My guess is the Windows App store which is being bundled into every Windows 8 system and being heavily promoted by Microsoft.  Of course this would require the vendor to rewrite them for their App Store if they want their application to be delivered in a sandbox manner similar to App-V, but I’m sure it’s going to be just a manner of time before this is done.  I give it about three-four years…about the time the next Windows after Windows 8 would be released.  So hurry up and learn it now!!!

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