Grant full access to a group on a mailbox in Multi-tenant Hosted Exchange environment with a PowerShell oneliner

Yesterday I helped a fellow IT Pro out with an issue concerning Exchange and PowerShell.
Why user PowerShell? Well, in an Exchange 2010 SP2 Multi-tenant hosted environment there isn’t a management console Knipogende emoticon
His goal was to use PowerShell to set full access rights for a group of users on a specific mailbox inside a multi-tenant environment.

When you look at the Add-MailboxPermissions cmdlet, you’ll see that there is a –User parameter. But when you would also expect a –Group parameter you will get a little disappointed; there isn’t any Bedroefde emoticon

All credits go toward the IT Pro I was helping, he found that instead of putting a username after the –User parameter, you can simple put a group name in there and it will work like a charm! Verhitte emoticon

Add-MailboxPermission -Identity “user” -User “groupname” -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All

To me, this just doesn’t sound logical since a user is a user and not a group. So I’m hoping Microsoft will either change the name for the parameter or create a –Group parameter… but that’s for them to decide Glimlach

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