My blog just passed 10000 visitors for this month

Back in March of 2009 I’ve started my blog and in the first month it received an ‘astonishing’ 36 unique visitors… by the end of that year there was no difference, about 30-35 unique visitors per month with no steady increase.

So, January of 2010 it started with unique visitors for that month… I was amazed and very happy!
And to close 2012, in December it was an amount of 423 unique visitors in that month…

On to 2011 where January brought me 660 unique visitors and closing the year in December gave 3376 unique visitors… yes, 2011 was a good year for my blog. It just happens that I started to work for BRAIN FORCE that year which gave me the opportunity to blog a lot of the stuff I’ve learned in challenging projects I did in that time… SCVMM, Windows 7 and my first PowerShell posts were the cause of the humongous increase in visitors.

And then there was 2012… the year where I decided to start as a freelancer and put more time in the community, specifically the PowerShell community.
Here I though that 2011 was a great year… well, it seems it can go way…way faster!

I’m happy and a bit humbled to announce this blog just passed the magical 10.000 unique visitors in this month alone!

And to think that it’s only June right now… I wonder what the end of the year may bring…

P.S. I guess a lot of people search through the internet for PowerShell content so I’ll just keep bringing you more content to consume Verhitte emoticon

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  1. Brasco says:

    How many did you get for the year 2016?

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