Win a free and signed copy of The VDI Delusion

Last week I was presenting on BriForum in Chicago about PowerShell.
On my last day, Gabe Knuth was in the speaker room and gave me a paperback copy of the book he, Brian Madden and Jack Madden wrote named The VDI Delusion.

I got all three authors and while Brian was signing it I told him that I was going to post a contest on my blog with some crazy question… and the person would get the question right would win the book.
Now, if multiple persons will get the question right I will pick one at random.
Apparently Brian liked this idea since he made a personal quote in the book to who ever wins the contest 😉

So, the question you need to answer to win this free and signed paperback copy of The VDI Delusion is:

What is the name of the virus created by Tony Stark (Iron Man)?
Hint: It’s not Extremis or Ultron…

P.S. This contest ends at the 10th of August… Please leave your name and email address in the comment section so I can contact you if you’re the winner.

The contest has ended! And the winner is: Ben Meints!

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  1. Ben says:

    Ik denk het technovore virus 🙂

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