Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell hits Release Candidate

Microsoft® Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell has reached the RC milestone .
You can download it here:

With this release you can:

· Find PowerShell scripts, snippets and modules.

· in online repositories such as TechNet Script center,, and Bing.

· in local and network file systems.

· Browse community resources, such as TechNet Wiki.

· Browse ‘How-to’ guidance on Windows PowerShell from online resources such as TechNet and MSDN.

· Save scripts, snippets, and module with metadata.

· Integrate with Windows PowerShell ISE as an Add-on.

· Install as a Windows feature.

Microsoft Script Explorer is tested with Win Server 2012 RTM, Win 8 RTM, Win Server 2008 SP2, Win Server 2008 R2 SP1, Win7 SP1, and Win Vista SP2;  and PowerShell v2 and v3.
Join the Script Explorer TechNet forum discussion about Script Explorer.

The “How-to” guidance feature enables searching for relevant articles.  
You can help by providing  Microsoft links to PowerShell resources (blogs, community groups, forums, websites, RSS feeds) you use.
They would like to make these assets searchable from Script Explorer.
You can share your favorites at:

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