PowerShell – Change the update schedule for the GAL in Exchange

In my previous post I write about updating the GAL and OAB in Exchange.

But what if you want to change the default update schedule?
There’s a PowerShell command for that… 😉

This script will change the update schedule from once a day to 4 times a day.
Note that this may cause performance issues on you Exchange server and/or clients so use it wisely or change it to your liking 😉


I received feedback about this post from @JetzeMellema.
Warning taken from TechNet: “Frequent updating is generally not recommended because frequent updating may affect client and server performance”.

Please read the TechNet article before changing the GAL update schedule!!!


  1. Wol says:

    Performance issue when updating several times a day sounds logical thanks for the info!

  2. Barrett Cowan says:

    I have this configured on an Exchange 2010 with OAB virtual directory polling at 5 minutes and an OAB Update Schedule of every 15 minutes. There are no performance issues running a single server and 113 mailboxes.

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