Black or grey screen with HP ILO on a blade server

When working on the HP ILO of a blade server you get a grey/black screen, both with the ILO through the Java- and ActiveX-based ILO.
A reboot of the server does not offer a solution, the grey/black screen remains.
No POST message is shown at the (re)boot of the server.


Resolution  1
1) Reset the ILO.
2) Perform a ‘cold boot’  of the machine.

Resolution 2
1) Open a telnet session to your enclosure.
2)  Logon to the telnet session.
3) Execute the following command : Reset Server <bay number of your server>


  1. BizkiT says:

    Thanks a lot for the sollution, worked for me ;D

  2. Rick says:

    Worked Great. Thanks!

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