MCWho + MCMe = MCT

Helping people to understeand stuff and explaining complex things in a simple manner is one of the things I love to do and I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. So ever since I was still small, cute and innocent (whahaha!) I wanted to do something with teaching.

Because I work in IT and most of my work involves Microsoft products, a logical step to take is to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer, right?
After doing some research I found that Microsoft accepts several sorts of  ‘proof’ that a MCT applicant has what it takes to become a MCT.
One of those is when you’ve followed an MCT Train-The-Trainer course with Nique Consultancy. Monique (hence the name ‘Nique’ ) is the only one that’s allowed to provide such a course in The Netherlands.
Some MCT’s I know have told me about their experiences with her training and were very enthousiastic… so mostly based on their stories I’ve registered for her training.

Although I was a bit sceptic at first I have to say that I found the training to be extremely useful.
Monique is someone that understands people, sees their weaknesses and strengths but most of all she knows how to communicate with different sorts of people. In my case the subtle approach will not take most of the times; I’m a bit hard-headed 😉 So she told me, after doing a 20 minute training, what my focus areas were that were my strengths but also the ones I needed to improve and how I could improve them.

Of course she gave us some homework, a bunch of papers which she wrote explaining Leary’s Rose (which tells you a lot about yourself), the theory of Kolb (it’s about learning styles) and much, much more.
Over all I found the training to be very practical and useful. Not only as a MCT but also as a presenter and IT Professional much of the information can be used to improve yourself.

So last Friday was the last day (out of three days) of the training and I’m happy to write that I’ve ‘passed’ .
In other words, all I have to do now is register on the MCT website, pay the annual fee and I’ll be a MCT 😀
I guess I’ll be doing that the first week of 2013 😉



  1. Flo says:

    Congratulation my friend 🙂

  2. Michel de Rooij says:

    Grats! Weird “shortcut”, though ..

  3. Helmer says:

    Congrats! I’m going to attend the course myself in 2013 😉

  4. Jeff Wouters says:

    Thanks, thought the title was kinda funny… been doing a lot with algorithms and math the last few weeks 😉

  5. Jeff Wouters says:

    Thanks, you’re also going to attend Monique’s course?

  6. Helmer says:

    Since that’s the ‘only route’ to become an MCT….yeah I will attend her course.

  7. Bjorn Houben says:


  8. Jeff Wouters says:

    Incorrect, you can also follow a course from CompTIA… but doesn’t have the added value of Monique’s course.

  9. Michel de Rooij says:

    Shortcut != Acronym

  10. ShayLevy says:

    Congrats Jeff 🙂

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