An incident in the train with a kid that has a bad attitude and no respect

This evening I took the train from work back towards home. This trip takes me from Amsterdam to Utrecht, where I have to switch trains and then to Geldermalsen. In total, this takes about 60-70 minutes.
When I boarded the train in Amsterdam, a group of 3 kids (about 15-16 years old, maybe 60 kilo’s a piece) got with me on the train and were sitting near me. During the trip towards Utrecht they had long conversations about their girlfriends, or ‘bitches’ as they called them. Some big stories were told and I actually thought it was pretty funny to listen to… until I put on some music 😉
We arrived at Utrecht Central station and got out. In the main hall they went to the left, I went to the right.

After a small walk I got to my train and took a seat. My luck is that, when my 1th train has no delay, I walk up to the platform and my next train just arrives. So just about always, I’ve got a place where I can sit.
The train was very busy this time. Suddenly I see an old lady trying to pass the busy train, looking for a place to sit down. I’m a softy with those things, so I ask the lady if she wants to sit down. She says ‘Yes, please. Thank you.’ or something like it. I stand up, take a step to the side so that she can sit down.
And as you may have guessed by my introduction, one of the guys I was sitting near in my 1st train quickly jumps into the train, bouncing off another man in the process and sits down at the chair I’ve made available to the lady.

So, maybe he didn’t noticed I’ve made room for the lady? So while the lady looks rather displeased to the boy I asked him if he didn’t saw that I was sitting there and made room for the lady (me knotting in her direction).
The guy just smiles at me and say ‘Well, she just should have sat down faster… now I’m sitting here!’.
At this point his two friends also get into the train, pushing people aside so that they can.

I was a little surprised by his reaction. So I’ve asked him to move and let the lady sit down. The guy just smiled and puts on some music. The man which the boy bounced off when entering the train and standing next to me, I think somewhere between 40 and 50 years old, pulls the earplugs from the guy his ears and tells him to remove himself from the chair and either let me or the lady sit down. Here his friends join the conversation and start talking/shouting loudly towards the man. I see the old lady, standing somewhat between the boy, his friends and me getting uncomfortable. So I take a small step forward to the boy, to the point where it’s even possible in a train this crowded, and tell him to either move it or I’ll make him move.
Seriously… the guy shouts to me: ‘Who do you think you are?!’

At this point I’ve had it. I push the guy down, grab the back of his trousers by his belt, pick him up and throw his punk ass out of the train, pushing people roughly aside while doing it.
Oops, it seems that I’ve done it now. The boy quickly gets up and him and his buddies quickly come towards my direction.
And this is where I realized that I wasn’t over-reacting or something because suddenly everyone standing beside me, even a little girl, turned towards the guys and start yelling at them.

As they were saved by the bell, we here a few beeps, the doors close and the train leaves.
The old lady sat down and me and the man talked a bit about the lack of respect and social behavior of the punks.
I don’t know if there was anyone in the train that made a recoring (phone?) of the incident but if so I would love to have a copy.


  1. Chris says:

    Wow !! What story !!!Violence is anywhere , even in Netherland…you are a Hero Jeff 😀

  2. You couldn’t spike for the extra point, I guess. Soccer country. *g*

  3. Helmer says:

    WTF…. 😉 Cool action Jeff!

  4. Danny Clarke says:

    Awesome – nicely done!

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