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As I’ve posted last year I’ve joined other authors from all over the world in a book project. The goal was for everyone to write a chapter about a topic of their choice and go deep dive on that topic. I would like to thank Jeffery Hicks for giving me the chance to contribute in to this book and appologize to the reviewers for my terrible grammar 🙂

To give you an idea of the content, here’s a list of chapter titles:

Part 1 PowerShell administration

Chapter 1 Diagnosing and troubleshooting PowerShell remoting
Chapter 2 CIM sessions
Chapter 3 Collecting and analyzing performance counter data
Chapter 4 TCP port communications with PowerShell
Chapter 5 Managing systems through a keyhole
Chapter 6 Using PowerShell to audit user logon events
Chapter 7 Managing and administering a certification authority database with PowerShell
Chapter 8 Using PowerShell to reduce Active Directory token bloat

Part 2 PowerShell scripting

Chapter 9 The 10 PowerShell scripting commandments
Chapter 10 Avoiding the pipeline
Chapter 11 A template for handling and reporting errors
Chapter 12 Tips and tricks for creating complex or advanced HTML reports with PowerShell
Chapter 13 Using and “abusing” dynamic parameters
Chapter 14 PowerShell type formatting
Chapter 15 Scalable scripting for large data sets: pipeline and database techniques
Chapter 16 Building your own WMI-based cmdlets
Chapter 17 Turning command-line tools into PowerShell tools

Part 3 PowerShell for developers

Chapter 18 Using Source Control Software with PowerShell
Chapter 19 Inline .NET code
Chapter 20 PowerShell and XML: better together
Chapter 21 Adding automatic remoting to advanced functions and cmdlets
Chapter 22 Taming software builds (and other complicated processes) with psake

Part 4 PowerShell platforms

Chapter 23 PowerShell and the SQL Server provider
Chapter 24 Creating flexible subscriptions in SSRS
Chapter 25 Inventory database table statistics using PowerShell and SQL Server Management Objects
Chapter 26 WSUS and PowerShell
Chapter 27 Provisioning IIS web servers and sites with PowerShell
Chapter 28 Active Directory Group Management application

The editors for this book are: Jeffery Hicks, Richard Siddaway, Oisín Grehan, and Aleksandar Nikolić.
They were joined by the following PowerShell experts for adding content to the book: Chris BellĂ©e, Bartek Bielawski, Robert C. Cain, Jim Christopher, Adam Driscoll, Josh Gavant, Jason Helmick, Don Jones, Ashley McGlone, Jonathan Medd, Ben Miller, James O’Neill, Arnaud Petitjean, Vadims Podans, Karl Prosser, Boe Prox, Matthew Reynolds, Mike Robbins, Donabel Santos, Will Steele, Trevor Sullivan, and Jeff Wouters (yes, that’s me).

During this project we received the news that one of the authors, Will Steele, passed away having succomed to a rare and very agressive form of sarcoma.
Therefor we’ve decided to dedicate this book to him.

All of the authors and editors of the book have donated any royalties to Save the Children.

I hope that you’ll find this book useful and it will give you new insights on how PowerShell can use used (and sometimes abused?).
As I’ve already read the chapters from the other authors, I think you’re going to love it 😀


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