Quote of the Year 2013

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that every now and then I tweet a ‘Quote of the Day’.
Most of the times they are inspirational, sometimes just geeky but all of the them have a message behind them. Sometimes uplifting and sometimes just to make you think about something.
I started doing this actively this year and decided to pick a ‘Quote of the Year’.

I’ve just gone through all the Quote of the Day tweets I’ve posted this year and chosen one as my Quote of the Year:

Why this one?
First of all, I actually find this funny. Both because it’s true, and because many of you thought it was from Sun Tsu – The Art of War.
However, this is not the case… it’s actually the 76th Rule of Acquisition (Star Trek!!!).

I advice you just to try it out in 2014… you’ll be amazed what such a simple thing can do 🙂


  1. Brasco says:

    what’s your twitter name?

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