Robin Williams – The passing of a true inspiration

This morning I woke up with news that saddened me… the passing of Robin Williams.

In honor of this man, of whom at least two generations grew up with, as a comedian or, movie star.
I was actually surprised that in his career he only received one Oscar, for his part in the movie Good Will Hunting.

Over the years I found that a lot can be learned from the characters played by him.

Good Will Hunting: Sometimes what’s unsaid has more value from what is said.
Not many people notice that you can learn more from what’s not being said compared to what is. The way people phrase something, the way they don’t phrase it and anything in between.
A simple analogy: If a glass is filled for 50% with water, would that be half empty or half full? 😉 Depending on the such an answer one could deduct if a person is an optimist or or not.
I know, it’s a bit simplified… but you’ll get my drift.

What I’ve learned from him in the movie Patch Adams: Quality of life above quantity of life.
If someone gets to be 100 years old but the last 30 years he/she was bound to a bed and was ‘living’ as a vegetable due to the many medications that were required to keep them alive, would you truly call it living?
I’d join the character Patch Adams and would call it being alive, not living.

In the Disney movie Alladin, Robin Williams was responsible for the voice of Genie. From him I learned to always help friends and to see the diamond in the rough, instead of the dark rock.
And of course the most important message: Dare to act out and be crazy.
This was also a main thing I’ve learned from his role in Goodmorning Vietnam.
Dare to challenge people and stand by your believes, even if the personal risk is great.

Now I could go on about his work from Comic Relief, Jumanji, Great minds think for themselves, Mrs Doubtfire and not to forget Dead Poets Society.

For now all I can say that we’ve lost a great and inspiring actor whom did an amazing job in portraying roles and characters with a fresh and inspiring view of the world, of people and to always laugh when you can.

To close this post I would live to use a phrase, taken from the movie Alladin: Genie, you’re free!

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