I’m giving a PowerShell for Packagers training in Februari of 2015

Note: This post is aimed for my Dutch readers…

Over the last years I’ve provided several PowerShell training, mostly aimed for system administrators.
Together with a training company in The Netherlands (PDS) we’ve decided to develop a PowerShell training aimed at Packagers.
For now, this training will be provided in Dutch and is based on the ‘Learn PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches’-book, yet updates for PowerShell v5 and made applicable to Packagers.
This training consists of 3 days, where the fourth day will cover less PowerShell and more about packaging itself.
Because I don’t have the knowledge to give the 4th day in a good way, Walter Tavernarakis from PDS will cover this.

So, if you’re a packager and want a training in PowerShell that will provide you a solid knowledge base to work from and has been tweaked for packagers, take a look!
I hope yo see you in my class 🙂

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