Remember you are only human

Back in ancient Rome, there were many slaves where one was, in my opinion, most important.
It is not the one that brought Caesar his food. Not the one that was the lackey of a senator.

The Auriga
One slave had a special duty: To drive a biga, which is a light vehicle pulled by two horses and mainly used to transport Duces (military commanders) or even Caesar himself.
The selection of the slave for this duty was severe and only once that gained the highest trust from their masters were allowed this duty.
Whenever a great victory was gained, a military commander was celebrated when he entered the streets of Rome. People were praising his name and celebrating his deeds, many times to an excess.
One of the Auriga’s other duties was to hold a laurus crown over the head of the Dux (military commander), standing behind him and softly whispering ‘Memento homo’ in his ear.
This is Latin for (roughly translated): Remember you are only human…
Sometimes the commanders would loose their sense of proportions because of the excess of the celebration in their name, which is why the role of the Auriga was so important.

I have a request
If you are in a position were others in any way look up to you, think about the Auriga and imagine one standing behind you… whispering softly in your ear….

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