DuPSUG meeting for PowerShell beginners and newbies

Over the last few years the Dutch PowerShell connunity, and by extension the Dutch PowerShell User Group, has grown a lot.
With that there also came a problem: The difference between experienced and new scripters.
So, we decided to do two day-events per year: One for beginners and one for more advanced scripters.

On the 22nd of March (yes, in just a few weeks), we’ll hold our first ever meeting especially focussed on beginners in order to grow the PowerShell community (and maybe by extension the User Group?).
Take a look at http://www.dupsug.com for more information 😉

So just to be very clear about this: This event is especially for beginners and newbies! Attend if you’re one, send your colleagues if they are 😉

For the more experienced scripters, take a look at the European PowerShell Conference 🙂

Later this year (somewhere in Q3/Q4) we’ll hold a meeting like the ones that came before… deep dive and aimed at our current ‘core’ visitors.
Next to that, we’ll hold evening-meetings when a speaker is available and in our country… just like we’ve done so far.

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